Dial Quick provides a convenient fast way to dial someone from your address book.  It reduces the number of gestures needed to dial a contact's phone number by initially presenting the keyboard for search criteria and listing each phone number separately- eliminating drill-down.  Dial Quick even has the option to auto-dial the contact once your search criteria returns only a single contact's phone number.


  • Search on partial phone number
  • Search on characters in the first or last name
    (example: sm will list Smitty McDaniels and Bob Smith)
  • Search on characters of both first and last name
    (example: d h will list Daniel Higgins but not Doug Smith)
  • Contacts sort to the top by number of times dialed, then by your sort preference
  • Retains the last search for one hour, for re-dialing ease


  • Choice of small, medium and large font/rows
  • Show/hide images in the list
  • Display by last or first name
  • Auto dial when the search returns only one contact number
  • Include additional fields in the search (company, memo, etc) - this does slow performance

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