Q: Can I get pictures out of Foto Safe?

A: Yes, while viewing a picture, you can select the "Action" icon to save the picture to your device's photo library.  You can also email it, upload to various services (facebook etc) text it, or make it available in iTunes using iTunes File Sharing.  Tap the "i" icon in Foto Safe to see instructions and for a link to Apple's instructions on using iTunes to import/export files. 

Please note!  Photos taken with the iPhone camera are not kept at the full resolution. This is for performance reasons.  Full size photos take several seconds to load, display and save.  

Q: Why can't i import photos from my iPhone?

A: Starting with version 2.0, Apple requires you to agree to allow the app to access Location Services and Photo Libraries.  Without this approval, we cannot access your devices photos.  We do NOT store or use any location information. 

If you've already denied access for privacy reasons, you can reset this preference by starting Apple's Settings app and choosing General > Location Services > Foto Safe, and switch it back on.  (this menu navigation changes depending on your iOS version).  The next time you start the app, you'll be prompted again to allow access.  Click OK this time.

Q: How do I import photos into Foto Safe?

A: After creating and selecting an album, use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to either import a photo from your Apple Photo app or use the device's camera (if available).  There is a "Select all" feature while selecting photos from an album. 

You can also import single photos or a zip file of photos by using iTunes File Sharing.  Tap the "i" icon in Foto Safe to see instructions and for a link to Apple's instructions on using iTunes to import/export files.

Q: How do I recover my password?

A: For obvious security reasons, we don't store your password on a server, and we can't email it to you because if an unauthorized individual has access to your phone, they can most likely read your email too.   We have implemented a password hint in the latest version as a way to help you remember your password. 

If you're on iOS 6.0 or earlier and not on the latest version of Foto Safe, it's possible to reset your password using your device ID.  Please use our contact form to request password reset instructions. 

Q: Can I recover photos if my device is lost or stolen?

A: Your photos are backed up whenever you use iTunes (or iCloud) to back up your device.  If your iTunes backups are not encrypted (an option on the first tab while viewing your device) it's possible to extract the photos from a backup.    This only works though if you have backed up your device after the photos were imported or taken. 


Q: Why isn't Dial Quick searching company names or other address book fields?

A: This is a setting.   From the Apple "Settings" app, choose Dial Quick.  You'll see switches to turn on & off different search fields.  They are left off for faster performance when you first download the app.  Some people use nicknames, others do not, etc. 

Q: Why should I use Dial Quick instead of Apple's contact app?

A: We have nothing against the contact list in Apple's iPhone app, but sometimes- like while driving, searching to dial a number is too complicated.  

With Dial Quick, you can just tap a few letters and be presented with search results- listing each phone number separately.  Once you see the number you want to dial, just tap the entryl.

Here are some other reasons we think ours is better:

  • Frequently dialed numbers (dialed using Dial Quick) list towards the top
  • Sort on any piece of the actual phone number itself
  • Search on initials to narrow criteria faster-  "J D" will find John Doe quickly
  • Contact photos can appear in the list for easier identification